What you need to know about the Nigeria Footwear Industry by Limult

The footwear Industry is made up of footwear manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. They major in footwear products which are commonly made of leather, textile, and a range of synthetic materials.

wholesalers in this industry are owners of brand names and typically
source their shoes from independent manufacturers.

The retail segment of the industry ranges from owners of large multinational chains to small local businesses. Many shoe companies operate in both the retail and wholesale arenas.

The Footwear industry is one of those industries that address basic needs. The industry is very lucrative and can be a source of wealth creation.

Strength of the Industry

For over twenty years, the footwear sector has been standing out in international markets and progressing in the value chain.  The industry has reinvented itself, responding more quickly to needs and becoming more flexible.

Moreover, the footwear industry has strengthened its capacity to develop the product and raised its quality standards. Today, the Nigeria footwear industry has a solid reputation in manufacturing skills, and that is one of its main strengths.

LIMULT’s footwear expertise will help your brand ensure the quality and safety of every type of footwear, including fashion and formal shoes, athletic footwear, specialized and professional footwear, and children's shoes.

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The Effect of Covid-19 on the Food and Beverage Industry in Nigeria by LIMULT

The Food and Beverage Industry consists of all the organizations involved in transforming raw agricultural products into consumer food.

The overall industry supply chain includes food processing, packaging, and distribution. It does not cover raw food production. 

This industry includes fresh food, packaged food, and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). 

From food sold at the grocery store to cooked meals served at restaurants, institutions, and events, this industry serves a huge variety of retail outlets.

The Effects Of COVID-19 To The Industry

The major challenges almost all businesses are facing has been from the effects of the pandemic. Some businesses flourished overnight, while others struggled to adapt. 

Managing supply chain disruption is not new to manufacturers and industrial companies. Still, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic made it more paramount for processes and operations to change.

In the past few months, countless pictures of empty grocery store shelves were shared verifying that grocery store supply chains were not prepared for the spike in demand.

It’s important for manufacturers to understand the consumer’s mindset and apply innovations to minimize further disruption in the supply chain.

As a result of the change in consumer demands, larger companies have been acquiring smaller companies to tap into their resources that appeal more to the market.

Big companies seek smaller companies for many factors like innovation, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and sometimes for simple healthy ingredients. 

Role of LIMULT Group in the Construction of Food and Drink Industry

From process and packaging to food safety, automation and more, our solutions help customers increase production, solve labor shortages, mitigate costs, and ensure FSMA compliance.

Whether you need everything or just one thing, we can design, build, or optimize a turnkey solution.

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Fertilizer Industry and its Importance to Human Life by LIMULT

The fertilizer industry consists of organizations that represent the entire supply chain from production to distribution to retail, all working together to deliver fertilizer to farmers in a safe, timely, and sustainable manner.

The Goal of the fertilizer industry is to feed the world. Because without modern-day fertilizer, the world would not exist.
Farmers are able to meet up with the demands of feeding a growing population, but only through a modern-day-fertilizer. 
In fact, almost all our food consumed today is only able to be grown because of the availability of fertilizer.

Why is fertilizer important for feeding the world?

Without the addition of fertilizers, agricultural productivity and crop yields would be significantly reduced. That’s why mineral fertilizers are applied into the soul to supplement the soil’s nutrients.

Hence, fertilizer is used to: 

  • Provide nutrients not available in the soil.
  • Replace nutrients removed at harvest.
  • Balance nutrients for better product quality and higher yield.

Our core business in fertilizer production is intimately connected with agricultural productivity and food production.

LIMULT GROUP mission in the fertilizer industry is to ensure timeliness in production, distribution, retailing and working together to deliver fertilizer to farmers.

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Engineering industry by Limult

Engineering Industry with their Respective functions

The Engineering industry most importantly deals with designs, manufacturing, operation of structures and machines or devices. The industry comprises sectors like civil, industrial, mechanical and chemical.

Having explained what the engineering industry is about, let’s take a look at some part of the engineering industry with their respective functions;

Civil engineering 

The civil engineering industry is concerned with the activities like planning, construction, designing or manufacturing of structures. 

The chemical industry 

This is concerned with engineering activities like construction, design and operation of plants and machinery of chemical products like drugs, synthetic rubber etc.

 Electrical engineering

This primarily deals with all engineering activities like manufacturing of devices for generation of electricity or designing devices for transmission of electricity.

This industry is concerned with the designing and manufacturing of electronic devices which include computers and it's accessories. 

The mechanical Engineering

This part of engineering deals specifically with designing and manufacturing of power plants, engines or related devices. 

The Industrial engineering is principally concerned with the processing of production like laying out plants etc. 

LIMULT is a leading specialty Engineering Industry. The core business of LIMULT in the Industry is the development, manufacturing and marketing of intermediates, additives, specialties.

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Electrical Equipment and Appliances by Limult

How to use Household
Electrical Equipment and Appliances Efficiently

Household electrical
equipment and appliances are used in most modern houses. These house appliances
are made to make life easier. 

Electrical equipment is any machine powered by electricity. it usually consists of a variety of electrical components, and often a power switch. Washing our clothes with a washing machine makes life comfortable.

 Also, using the air conditioner to make the house cool when the weather is hot, makes the house a place to stay. Household electrical appliances also provide entertainment. 

However, it is advisable that we minimize our power usage wherever possible.  This will also benefit us in reducing our energy bills as well.

Here are some ways to
reduce the energy consumption of some common household appliances. 


As a
general rule, always switch off appliances completely when they are not in use
wherever possible. You should also do this when you are away from the property
for an extended period.


dryers are energy-consumer appliances. Whenever possible, dry your clothes
outside in the sunshine or on a clothes rack indoors.


switch off lights that you do not use, and where possible use lamps or
spotlights rather than the room light, as these are less energy consuming. You
should also consider switching your bulbs to energy efficient versions to save


conditioners use a lot of power. Always turn the conditioner on before the
temperature gets too hot. Air conditioners work more efficiently when the
outside air temperature is cooler.


Washing machines use both electricity and water. Always run the washing machine when you have a full load.  The machine will use the same amount of energy and water whenever many or few items are in the drum.  If you must run the washing machine on a less than full load, select a suitable program.

LIMULT has proven to be trusted
in the ability to utilize the most efficient technology and planning to
consolidate a wide scope of equipment and products from around the world, on
time, and at the right price. 

As a result of the above, it has given all our customers confidence that they will always receive dependable, cost-effective solutions, whether developing a new, large-scale project or facility, or simply supplying the daily needs of their operation. 

experienced associates can recommend our convenient assemblies of electrical
products and equipment that can streamline your projects and provide best
overall value for construction, maintenance and repair.

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Chemical Industry by Limult

The chemical industry consists of the companies that produce industrial chemicals. This industry utilizes chemical processes such as chemical reactions and refining methods to convert raw materials—such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals—into more than 70,000 different products. These products include petrochemicals, agrochemicals, ceramics, polymers and rubber (elastomers), oleochemicals (oils, fats, and waxes), explosives, fragrances, and flavors. The chemical industry is, thus, central to the modern world economy. The chemical industry is of strategic importance to the sustainable development of national economies. 

What does the chemical industry produce?

The products of the chemical industry can be divided into three categories:

  • Basic chemicals
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Consumer chemicals

Several other categorizations are used but this one is simple and helpful in this context. Outputs range widely with basic chemicals produced in huge quantities and some specialty chemicals produced in modest kilograms quantities but with very high value.

LIMULT is a leading specialty chemicals company. The core business of LIMULT in the chemical Industry is development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, specialty chemicals and plastics.

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