Diatomite is the naturally occurring fossilized remains of diatoms. Diatomite is a sedimentary deposit which entirely consists of silica. Countries such as China, U.S., Denmark, Japan, Mexico and CIS were the major producers of diatomite in past few years.

The properties such as high surface area, low density, abrasiveness, high porosity, inertness, insulating properties, high silica content, absorptive capacity and brightness makes diatomite a valuable material in the market. The mining and extraction process of diatomite is complicated.

Diatomite mining and processing requires heavy earthmoving equipments and huge processing facilities. To get the desired grade of diatomite is highly energy intensive process. Diatomite can absorb liquid three times the weight of its own.

World diatomite (also called diatomaceous earth) output decreased during recession years, but now the market shows stable growth. Today the USA is world’s largest diatomaceous earth producer, accounting for about 36% of global total. Other major producers include China, Japan, Denmark, Mexico and Peru.
Main diatomite end use sectors include filter aids and fillers – together they account for 85% of total product demand. Other applications include production of absorbents and specialized pharmaceutical / biomedical uses.

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