Much planning for bridge construction is required as it has huge impact on life of people. Social, scientific and technological dimensions for bridge construction must be considered. The decision of providing a bridge across any barrier is to facilitate the community residing on either side of the project. Some major bridges bring benefits to the whole country.

Building a bridge is a complex undertaking requiring knowledge and expertise. Several variables, including engineering constraints, costs, and environmental impacts come into play when deciding which construction method to use and bridge type to build.

LIMULT has experience with a wide variety of construction methods, from repairing historic cast-iron structures and masonry arches, to erecting modern steel-girder and concrete bridges. Whether building an overpass for greater traffic efficiency, a pedestrian bridge to connect two communities, or a signature bridge that will inspire a whole city, we understand the importance of working closely with local road and infrastructure engineering companies, agencies, and contractors.

Planning Sequence for Bridge Construction

The planning sequence for the construction of a new highway or a railway project is a major part of the project planning. Based on the complexity of the barrier across which the bridge must be constructed, the detailing of the project planning increases, because more investigation must be carried out. In general, the major steps that are involved in the planning for the construction of a new project is mentioned below:

  1. Identifying the need for the bridge
  2. Assessment of traffic possible and required in the area proposed to construct the bridge
  3. Study the location
  4. Study of all possible alternatives
  5. Refining and short listing all possible alternatives
  6. Identifying conceptual plans for the alternatives. This involves finding the materials, the arrangement of the span and the form.
  7. Preliminary design and the cost estimation
  8. Evaluating the alternatives, its risk and the final choice of decision
  9. Resource source identification by detailed surveying
  10. Implementation with the help of bidding documents. This is followed by carrying out by fixing the agency, the construction details, and their commissioning.

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