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LImult Clay Products

Buy High Quality Bulk Pottery Plates/Cups/Saucers/Jugs/Mugs

150,000.00 incl. 5% tax
Sale Shiraz Brick Wall Tile by

Buy High Quality Burnt Brick Wall Tile for Housing Construction

9,500.00 8,000.00 incl. 5% tax

Buy High Quality Electronic Stainless Steel Gas Lighter

4,000.00 incl. 5% tax

Buy High Quality Local Burnt Bricks (L230 H125 W100) in bulk for Building

90.00 incl. 5% tax

Buy High Quality Nigerian Hardwood Dry Charcoal in Bulk

2,000.00 1,800.00 incl. 5% tax
Limult Sugar Granules - (07052446249)

Buy Limults Packaged Refined Premium Sugar Granules – 1 packet

2,000.00 incl. 5% tax
3D Brick Wallpaper

High Quality 3D Wallpaper for Housing Decoration

8,000.00 incl. 5% tax
Limult Adhesive Glue and Powder for 3D Wallpaper Installation

High Quality Adhesive 3d Wallpaper Glue and Powder for Housing/Wall Decoration

4,000.00 incl. 5% tax