Fertilizer Industry and its Importance to Human Life by LIMULT

The fertilizer industry consists of organizations that represent the entire supply chain from production to distribution to retail, all working together to deliver fertilizer to farmers in a safe, timely, and sustainable manner.

The Goal of the fertilizer industry is to feed the world. Because without modern-day fertilizer, the world would not exist.
Farmers are able to meet up with the demands of feeding a growing population, but only through a modern-day-fertilizer. 
In fact, almost all our food consumed today is only able to be grown because of the availability of fertilizer.

Why is fertilizer important for feeding the world?

Without the addition of fertilizers, agricultural productivity and crop yields would be significantly reduced. That’s why mineral fertilizers are applied into the soul to supplement the soil’s nutrients.

Hence, fertilizer is used to: 

  • Provide nutrients not available in the soil.
  • Replace nutrients removed at harvest.
  • Balance nutrients for better product quality and higher yield.

Our core business in fertilizer production is intimately connected with agricultural productivity and food production.

LIMULT GROUP mission in the fertilizer industry is to ensure timeliness in production, distribution, retailing and working together to deliver fertilizer to farmers.

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