Akure Airport Development by Limult

The Federal Government of Nigeria has selected Akure Airport as one of the four aerodromes to benefit from the infrastructure development plan, several steps had been taken since the inception of Governor Akeredolu’s administration to attract global attention.

The Governor, through patronage, helped to revive the moribund Lagos-Akure route and also activated Abuja-Akure route.

The collaboration led to the building of a temporary terminal due to the encouraging traffic at the facility, also, The governor facilitated the coming of Air Peace Airlines to the state which fly Lagos-Akure route and also encouraged Overland Airways on Abuja- Akure route; both now operate daily to and fro the state capital.”

The Commissioner disclosed that within his first one year in office, the attention the governor paid to the airport brought about the collaboration between the state and the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

It was disclosed that N2.588 billion was approved for aeronautical information system that would give accurate information, including weather information, to pilots other aviators.

The Minister added that the contract would include the provision of Instrument Landing System for aircraft operations in harsh weather conditions.

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The Bauchi Airport by Tafawa Balewa

Bauchi Airport, also called Sir Tafawa Balewa International Airport, serves Bauchi City and other communities in Bauchi State. Named after Sir Tafawa Balewa in recognition of great contributions to the growth of Bauchi State and Nigeria.

Established in 2014 by the Isa Yaguda led administration to further aid the tourism of the state, agricultural progress and alliance with other states in the country.

Equipped with standard aviation equipment and every year, the airport handles a good deal of flights. One striking factor of this airport is its closeness to notable hotels and relaxation centers in the state. Notable places such as Bauchi Polo Club, Emir of Bauchi Palace, Yankari Game Reserve, and Wikki Warm Springs are at close proximity with the airport.


Sir Tafawa Balewa airport has one runway. Its surface is coated with Asphalt to enhance shear stress. The runway is also unlighted.


Bauchi Airport one terminal, well equipped with modern facilities. Since it’s completion, the terminal has been in good condition.

In an interview, the state government hinted on expanding the airport. In order to achieve this, the government have hinted on building a cargo terminal. Because of the depth of economic activities in this area, the cargo terminal will be a great addition. It will also increase the passenger and air traffic movement of the airport.

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