The cement industry is one of the main industries necessary for
sustainable development. It can be considered the backbone for development. Few construction projects can take place without
utilizing cement somewhere in the design.

The cement industry in Nigeria has experienced immense growth over the
past few years. With a population of over 140 million people and a growth rate
of approximately 3% per annum, the demand for and consumption of cement is
expected to increase. Government however remains the largest consumer of cement
in the country with an estimated 50% of total consumption. The frequency of
road and bridge reconstruction as well as rehabilitation of social
infrastructure emphasizes government's continued patronage of the industry but
also widens the demand-supply gap which currently exists. The Nigerian Cement industry has the potential
to contribute to the larger economy in several ways. First, by virtue of its
nature, the industry is labor intensive and is therefore a major employer of labor
both skilled and unskilled. The industry also has a significant contribution to
the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and is a source of Foreign Direct
Investment. Through the construction, renovation and rehabilitation of major
roads, bridges, networks and public infrastructure, the cement industry plays a
major role in overall economic development and enhancement of social welfare.

The strength of Limult Group
in the Cement Industry

strength of LIMULT Group is simple - the company has experience in the
operations, technical optimization, strategy development, due diligence of
mergers and acquisitions and financial performance of the cement business.

many consultancies focus on the technical design of cement plants, LIMULT
offers advice relating to overall performance of the plant, its procedures and
operations and the performance of the personnel. 

provides practical solutions that can be implemented by its Clients to improve
their performance.

addition to the cement sector services, LIMULT also provides consulting
services to related building materials sectors such as Aggregates and Ready-
Mix Concrete. Whilst the business is different, the consulting principle is the
same - optimization of operations and quality with minimum financial outlay to
deliver maximum profitability.

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Thermal power Station Construction by Limult

Intelligent thermal power plant concept

With the upgrading of productivity, the complexity and dynamics of business activities and the ability to gradually exceed the capabilities of human analysis and optimization, it is necessary to rely on intelligent technology instead of humans for process management, data analysis, decision optimization, and the core goal is to achieve intelligent production activities. The high degree of unity allows the system to work together.

Intelligent thermal Power Plants value and Goals

 In this theoretical context, intelligent thermal power plants have the following three values and goals. First, intelligently realizes the potential hidden danger display of the device, enabling it to operate more efficiently and sustainably. Second, let the machine replace humans and assist the staff to carry out thermal power plant management and operation and maintenance. Third, the production and operation process of the power plant will be more transparent and synergistic, making the management process more flexible and effective. Focusing on the above objectives, the construction of intelligent power plants needs to focus on the three-dimensional dimensions of intelligent sensing, intelligent control and intelligent management.

The big data analysis generated by coal-fired power generation in
thermal power plants is used as a clue to deeply explore the value of data to
create more benefits. To this end, according to the latest definition of the
industry, it can be concluded that the intelligent thermal power plant is based
on modern digital information processing and communication technology, and
integrates technologies such as intelligent sensing, control, management and
execution to achieve synergy with the smart grid. A highly efficient, safe and
environmentally friendly thermal power plant.

At Limult we develop
new, unique construction methods for the installation of major equipment in
thermal power stations, namely boilers, turbines, and generators.

Our delivery records for thermal
power stations

  • Conventional
    thermal power stations that use oil, coal, gas, or other fuels
  • Combined
    cycle thermal power stations
  • Gas
    turbine generator power stations
  • Diesel
    thermal power stations
  • Gas
    engine and other special thermal power stations

Project scope

scope of our work includes construction (design, manufacturing, and
installation) and preventive maintenance (modification construction, update
construction, and maintenance).

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