What you need to know about the Nigeria Footwear Industry by Limult

The footwear Industry is made up of footwear manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. They major in footwear products which are commonly made of leather, textile, and a range of synthetic materials.

wholesalers in this industry are owners of brand names and typically
source their shoes from independent manufacturers.

The retail segment of the industry ranges from owners of large multinational chains to small local businesses. Many shoe companies operate in both the retail and wholesale arenas.

The Footwear industry is one of those industries that address basic needs. The industry is very lucrative and can be a source of wealth creation.

Strength of the Industry

For over twenty years, the footwear sector has been standing out in international markets and progressing in the value chain.  The industry has reinvented itself, responding more quickly to needs and becoming more flexible.

Moreover, the footwear industry has strengthened its capacity to develop the product and raised its quality standards. Today, the Nigeria footwear industry has a solid reputation in manufacturing skills, and that is one of its main strengths.

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