Leading the Path of Agricultural Industry & Infrastructural Development in the Nation.

Limult is Nigeria’s No. 1 general contracting firm that focuses on agriculture, housing, social and industry development.

Our specialized products include cocoa, coffee, cashew, burnt bricks, hut housing, decent job opportunities, rice industry development and lots more…

Limult Solid Burnt Bricks

Our Local Burnt Bricks is used for housing construction and cheaper than the premium bricks. Minimum order quantity is 5000 pieces

Our Premium Load Bearing Bricks leaves a finer finishing when used for Housing and Wall Construction. Minimum Order Quantity is 1000 pieces

Limult ventilative bricks

Our Ventilative Bricks are used for Pavement and Decoration Purposes. Minimum Order Quantity is 500 pieces.

Limult Burnt Roof Bricks

Our Burnt Bricks Clay Roof Tiles are premium and made to withstand any form of wind and attack to homes. Minimum Order Quantity is 700 pieces.

Reviving the Cocoa Processing Industry, Burnt Bricks & Hut Housing
In Nigeria

Cocoa Processing Industry in Nigeria by Limult

From providing affordable housing, to clean accessible food to developing local industries, Limult aims at providing for the nation.


Our Team

At Limult, we are a group of intellectual architects, surveyors, financial analysts, designers and creative builders.

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