Ocean waters are salty and contain minerals and dissolved gases. They also have a high heat capacity and vary in density depending on temperature and salinity. 

Uses of Ocean water

The use of salty water is made easier by desalination, which can be done through either distillation or osmosis. Making seawater potable, or drinkable, is plainly a useful goal, but the process is expensive and therefore usually only performed on a large, industrial scale.

From a health standpoint when it comes to salt water, facts are that some evidence exists that salt water benefits include the prevention of atherogenesis (the formation of “plaques” in the arteries that carry blood to the tissues of the body). It also may be helpful in treating the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, and may also prevent some of the damage to the liver that may result from a high-fat diet.

Deep sea water may be effective in the prevention of certain cancers, including breast cancer. The mechanism for this is not well understood as of 2020, but research efforts in the area of cancer prevention using Ocean water continue. It is also believed that Ocean water can mitigate some of the symptoms of diabetes mellitus.

But why is ocean water salty? Well, most of the salt that ends up in the oceans originated on land. Rain, as well as moving water in rivers and streams, washes over rocks containing the mineral sodium chloride, which you know as common table salt. The salt is then carried into the oceans. Salt can also find its way into oceans through underwater volcanoes that stir up salt and other minerals from deep layers of the earth.

The salt in oceans becomes more concentrated over time as water from the surface of the ocean evaporates, leaving the salt behind. Salt is the main chemical ingredient in ocean water, but it also contains other chemicals, such as magnesium, sulfate, calcium and potassium. Many scientists believe that life began in the oceans, so it’s not surprising that chemicals found in seawater are important chemicals needed to sustain life.

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