Nigeria Industrial Revival By Limult

Nigeria presents considerable
potential to return high yields on investment in manufacturing segments. While
the discovery of hydrocarbons and rising crude prices created a dependence on
export receipts and tax revenues and marginalized industry’s development, the
crash of the global oil market in 2014 helped to refocus public policy on
economic diversification and non-oil industries. A series of recent policy
documents have set ambitious goals for sector development and outlined
discrete, actionable strategies to match those ends. Critically, the
administration has introduced a range of incentives to launch and broaden
activities in various manufacturing segments, including agro-processing,
biofuels, cement and automobiles. Although manufacturers have struggled
recently with currency volatility, a chronic foreign exchange (forex)
shortfall, and gaps in water, transport and electricity distribution systems,
these incentives, as well as a planned surge in public spending on
infrastructure, should help to accelerate investment and growth across a range
of industrial activities.

Limult Group has made so much
great impact in the revival of industrial development in Nigeria through the outstanding
services they provide in the Agro sector, oil and gas sector and in the
construction industry.

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