Engineering Industry with their Respective functions

The Engineering industry most importantly deals with designs, manufacturing, operation of structures and machines or devices. The industry comprises sectors like civil, industrial, mechanical and chemical.

Having explained what the engineering industry is about, let’s take a look at some part of the engineering industry with their respective functions;

Civil engineering 

The civil engineering industry is concerned with the activities like planning, construction, designing or manufacturing of structures. 

The chemical industry 

This is concerned with engineering activities like construction, design and operation of plants and machinery of chemical products like drugs, synthetic rubber etc.

 Electrical engineering

This primarily deals with all engineering activities like manufacturing of devices for generation of electricity or designing devices for transmission of electricity.

This industry is concerned with the designing and manufacturing of electronic devices which include computers and it’s accessories. 

The mechanical Engineering

This part of engineering deals specifically with designing and manufacturing of power plants, engines or related devices. 

The Industrial engineering is principally concerned with the processing of production like laying out plants etc. 

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