Burnt Bricks are the oldest and strongest form of housing construction in Nigeria. It is no surprise that the Egyptian pyramid and various longest lasting building were made of bricks.

Limult Bricks are solid and are the trusted building material to use for the construction of the foundation of a housing project when building in a dampy area. To learn more about Limult, chat up 07052446249

Limult Group (www.limult.com) is an indigenous firm that specializes in the production and sale of affordable local burnt bricks for housing construction thus solving the problem of housing in Nigeria thus providing for the nation. Limult Group also offer other services such as Architectural Design, Hut Construction, etc.

Limult Local Burnt Bricks is delivered to states such as Abuja, Enugu, Aba and Anambra State.

Limult Burnt Bricks also have another category of bricks which are the premium burnt bricks which consists of various shapes.

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Website: www.limult.com
Customer Care Number: 07052446249